Gem Codes: 8th – 15th September 2014

Thanks Rawr x3 and Ireen Mae for Facebook!




If you know the toolbar for this week and if it’s WORKING, we will credit your name on this post!

Thank you for Toolbar: Sozet22, Max2000 and lisaaaaaaa! (NO ORDER)

Late commenter about Toolbar will NOT be credited in the post. But we can say Thank you for it though in comments. [:

21 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 8th – 15th September 2014

      • Just checked it and nope it isn’t. If it was last months it would say “Sorry this coupon has expired”

        If it says “You can only use this coupon once” Means it still in date, but you already used it. Remember, monthly code means ONE code a month. ONE time only working a month.

        Yes, it was last weeks code because we are still in September not in October.

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