ourWorld: Fright Log in Screen 2014

Guess it’s kind of pointless. But some of you think it’s nice to see what it would look like out on 15th September! (Psst, Box is out on that day too [; )

log in screen

Also, check out NEWLY added Halloween items, if you have not already seen!

Halloween Items FEMALES
Halloween Items MALES


11 thoughts on “ourWorld: Fright Log in Screen 2014

    • It has already been given out on 7th September. If your a Resident, should be in your inventory in the category “Mystery Box” now. If not, I think you might of missed out! D:

      Also, there was a glitch on that day too. Everyone got a Resident box. including the TOURISTS. I don’t think that will happen again next year.

      • Oh. Second isn’t too bad :D Gratz on first, that deserves a reward *gives pack of oreos* I was gonna eat them but, nah, you deserved it.

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