Summer Items PART 3

Well. Thought that was the end of the summer items? Nope. They still going! Well I’m assuming they are summer items since in the url states it for one of these items:

It kind of looks like “Alien back to school”

Actually it kind of reminds me of this song:


ErmMahGawdAlien1 ErmMahGawdAlien2 ErmMahGawdAlien3 ErmMahGawdAlien4 ErmMahGawdAlien5

ErmMahGawdAlien6 ErmMahGawdAlien7 ErmMahGawdAlien8 ErmMahGawdAlien9 ErmMahGawdAlien10


ErmMahGawdAlienMale1 ErmMahGawdAlienMale2 ErmMahGawdAlienMale3 ErmMahGawdAlienMale4

ErmMahGawdAlienMale5 ErmMahGawdAlienMale6 ErmMahGawdAlienMale7 ErmMahGawdAlienMale8 ErmMahGawdAlienMale9

6 thoughts on “Summer Items PART 3

    • 2 Reasons we didn’t model the outfits:

      1. We model them when they have NOT came into Live server (What you and everyone else is playing on now) so it gives people a rough indication to save up their gems and buy it or continue saving till something else is better. If it’s already out, they can try on the items themselves by going to shop.

      2. They weren’t all that fan dang or anything. Monthly items and themed items (Easter, Summer, Halloween and etc) are usually modeled because people would go like “THAT WOULD LOOK UGLY ON ME!” or “OMG THAT HAIR! I MUST GET IT!” and till we model them, some of them would change their mind changing the ugly opinion to wanting. And wanting to not wanting it. It doesn’t really happen like that, some opinion stay the same after modeling.

      Eh, so yeah. Since this post only got 3 comments and very less views than the Halloween and Fright, I decided not to do previews since no one really cares about these items.

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