Gem Codes: 18th- August 25th




Thanks Jellylee, Max2000, False Reality, Umer for Toolbar!

9 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 18th- August 25th

    • You haven’t given us a code for this post. You can be in the next post if you comment on this post or the next post of the gem codes that hasn’t been stated on the post yet.

      For example if you see this on a post:
      “If you know Toolbar, we will credit your name!”
      then if you know a current working toolbar code, you then comment it and the post will be updated within few hours with your name in the post and the gem code.

  1. Thanks for the Gem Codes guys! I just started and I needa stack up on gems! :D I already have 40.. from connecting to FB and from 2 of these codes (Monthly & FB) and from verifying my email.

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