Headless Cheat

If you don’t feel like spending all your gems on Halloween clothing you could always use this cheat. It allows you to remove face parts or even the whole head! o.o

Step 1. Go to your appearance page.


Step 2. Change all face parts you want to remove. (eyes if you want your eyes off, head if you want your head off etc.)


Step 3. Go from the appearance page into your inventory. If you are taking your head off you might want to remove your hair so it won’t be floating in the air.


Step 4. Close your inventory. You’ll see that your appearance looks different from in the inventory.

headless4Step 5. Refresh the page. Run around headless.


Additional comments:

1. It’s important to go into your inventory straight from the appearance page. If you close the appearance page and then go to inventory then it won’t work.

2. Works on any browser. Tried on latest Firefox and Internet Explorer.

3. To bring your head or whatever you removed, go to your appearance page again or inventory.

4. You may see no speech bubble when you’re talking or you may not see other Peoples text in chat log.

Steps aren’t clear for you? Watch the video by someone that shared with us!

38 thoughts on “Headless Cheat

  1. this glitch works! but if u go into other things like yourabout me or your invotory or apearance it goes away, so if ur saying it dosent you obviously did it wrong or your just a hater.

  2. Okay,Poof made this ALL clear.

    1: Go to your appearance!She also gave you the pictures.

    2: Change your head shape.

    3: Look at the top middle of your ourWorld screen.
    Press your name,and look for “Inventory”.Press!

    4: Take off your hair.

    5: Exit your inventory.Refresh!

    Votre tête est parti.

    • It’s important to go into your inventory straight from the apperance page. If you close the apperance page and then go to inventory the it won’t work.

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