September Monthly items 2014

Hi again! Here’s the new monthly items, although it is assumed to be incomplete at the moment, I will update it with the new items when/if I find them!

Midsummer Fawn Set

Box:  August BOX

Male Items:

Horns1M August NOSEM August SHIRTM Pants AugustAugust M Socks

Female Items:

Horns1F August SHIRTF August PantsAugust F Socks

So how do you like the new items?

22 thoughts on “September Monthly items 2014

  1. Those aren’t masks… Those are noses. It’s a Satyr… Of course I could be wrong, but I know that’s what Ourworld Team is trying to do.

    • When I checked for the items it was red :\ I don’t know whether it was an error outworld made or if it is supposed to be that way

  2. Just did a small edit in your title. Since August monthly items are already out on ourWorld. ^^
    I find the vest/shirts interesting. Can’t wait to see what the mask looks like on characters :)

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