Gem Codes: July 7th – July 14th

If you know the Toolbar code, we will credit you! Only if it’s a valid code. (:

7AD9-13CB-0298-45F4 (WOO!)



Thank you RuiRui for Facebook!

Thank you AcyOW and DragonFlame for Toolbar

Thank you PompeiiMarie JanaRavenYuri143owGods EmptyHoly Krap 8D, – Khate YumixNotPerfectCaIIen for Monthly!

39 thoughts on “Gem Codes: July 7th – July 14th

      • They can’t copy each other when all of their comments are in moderation. No one can see their comments besides their own till they get accepted.
        If they were accepted before and then another comment that is in moderation, then the new one that is in moderation must of copied. Not sure if that last sentence made sense or not.

  1. The only code i can even use is monthly, it doesn’t really matter to me, -sarcastic remark……..- ten gems yay :). I get the 10 gems and i earn everything else my self

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