August Monthly Items 2014

Hey, if you didn’t know Secret, Act, and other bloggers had a “APPLY TO BE A BLOGGER” post thingy which I entered. I was one of the VERY LUCKY ones to be chosen. Thank you Act, and other bloggers that accepted me!

I’m a new blogger. I be posting lots of things in the future. Anyways here are the Monthly items! :D


Female Monthly


Male MonthlyWhat do you think? :3

29 thoughts on “August Monthly Items 2014

  1. welcome to the Secret society c00kie >U<
    not that secret society where you beat up people, im not sure what im saying actually…

  2. Wow, uh… The items are interesting. The dress is ridiculously huge, and are y’all sure that’s a scarf? o_o

  3. I like the sandals, but I don’t think I’ll get them cos I’m kinda looking for a evil, dark theme.
    Maybe I’ll take the white “scarf”. Btw, the males’ pants and the females’ dresses look ridiculous.

  4. Even though you didn’t made this post. Just thought to change Author name to your’s, since you been trying hard to get your post published.

    I thought to click the images and didn’t realize it would come up as large good quality looking images.
    *First time clicking link images…* ^v^’

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