How To Avoid Being Hacked + Why You Shouldn’t Use Invite Friends(by Coulis)

Now here’s a GuideTime Story, with Uncle Coulis :)

There are many ways people can be hacked, here’s how to avoid it:

Way One: Many of you may have a bestfriend on Ourworld but don’t know them in real, i suggest don’t give them your password but it’s up to you

Way Two: Ever been staying up all day looking for ways to “hack” ourworld for free gems or coins or flow, etc. You see a video on YouTube that shows someone with a lot of the stuff, (s)he may say they got it from a hack app they made, I HIGHLY SUGGEST DON’T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING, the “hack” app asks for your OurWorld password and email, once you enter it something will come up saying it didn’t work, now they have what they want.

Conclusion: There is no way to hack Ourworld, the company was made by billionaires, they would make sure no one could hack into it

Also, Cheat Engine does not work, all those “hack” apps are viruses, (some of them are)

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Why You Shouldn’t Use The Invite Friends:

A few months ago I was thinking of how to earn gems, I went to elevator and saw a small orange box that said Invite Friends!

Something said Enter your Email, I entered it

Then it said Enter Email Password, I entered it

Here’s the bad part, a few seconds or minutes later I logged into my email and it gave a message saying someone tried to log into my email FAR away from where I live, it was where one of the creators of Ourworld live.

Conclusion: Don’t trust Ourworld invite friends

Also: Please no one leak this out to anyone that made ourWorld

This has been GuideTales, with Uncle Coulis :)

P.S: This post was created by an ourWorlder (Coulis) a new blogger for Secret Ourworld Cheats.

14 thoughts on “How To Avoid Being Hacked + Why You Shouldn’t Use Invite Friends(by Coulis)

  1. I don’t really get how the last part is a problem, I mean you said you know it’s where one of the creators live. But doesn’t OurWorld already get all of your information when you sign up… I mean you are using THEIR site.

      • Act, they do not know you’re email login details, they are not allowed to. You login to YOUR email so ourWorld can go through your contacts to see if any of them have emails which are currently registered as members.

      • Exactly what I thought. It’s basically a bot or something that is programmed to go through contacts. But it can’t if Yahoo, Gmail and other sorts of email providers are blocking ourWorld and claiming it’s a person by a mobile is trying to log in.

      • P.s just wanna include this was years not months ago, i was like 9, what did i know…….

  2. The same thing happened to my email a while ago when I tried it. I was shocked too, and changed my password twice after it happened. Hope people on ourworld know that their trick is getting old. *Thanks for the advice btw* C:

    • They don’t hack you. You simply login via one of their servers. So therefore the IP address your email account is getting is the ow server which is based in America. The same thing happened to me and if you notice the exact time you login and the time the email says your account was reached by someone. The ourWorld creators are simply not allowed to do that. If they are they are in breach of a lot of laws I know of.

  3. I hope you changed your email password after this happened because you shouldn’t give out your email password anywhere.

    • LOL yeah i changed my password if i did not those guys would keep trying to hack, my email website actually made me change it

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