July Monthly items 2014

First I would like to say sorry for not posting Junes monthly items…, but to make up for that here are July’s monthly items!


Unisex item:F Tattoo

Female items:F MaskF Jacket F Bodysuit F SHOES

Male items:M MaskM Jacket M Pants M SHoes

(I don’t know if the black items are meant to look different or if it’s an error in their drawings)

So, how do the items look? ^^

21 thoughts on “July Monthly items 2014

  1. lately ourworld geocodes have stopped posting :( I’m disappointed and mainly just like ( why won’t u post !!!!)

    • Sorry for your disappointment, but we don’t create the items, we just show them to everyone beforehand.
      If you have a problem with the items, try sending a ticket to Ourworld, or wait for items you find appealing.

    • I’m sorry I don’t, but I’m sure Secret or Act will show the prices when the items go onto the playtest server. ^^

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