Dark and Light Items Preview

If you haven’t seen the light items, click here. If you haven’t seen the dark, click here.

These boxes are going to cost 40 gems and here is some preview of the items (We couldn’t get all.)

Conqueror Darkness and Light Eternal Paragon Soldier Visionary

Now there’s one missing outfit. Which is “Herald Of Destruction/Herald Of HopeWe have the masks, just not dress/vest.

We have added this to the next updates page, if your wondering when they are coming out.

4 thoughts on “Dark and Light Items Preview

  1. Does anyone know if the Infernal Eternal wings (dark) will be worth much? They are worth 9 mil right now so I’m wondering if they are gonna go up or down.

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  3. I’ve been playing ourWorld since 2009. The boxes become more and more expensive. O.o
    But the outfits are still cool and look awesome wearing them lol

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