Gem Codes: 26th May – 2nd June

ourWorld seem to post their Facebook code kind of late. 3AM in the morning for Australia and on a Wednesday! Done ranting. Pretty sure you guys would rant about it too? No?. k. Anyways here’s the codes. Not sure about Toolbar…


6160-C924-2373-2B5F (MAY’S, just incase you have not used it yet. June Monthly may be out in first week or second week.


Thanks everyone who replied! (These names aren’t in order, since there was about 30+ comments to approve. Wow, more than ever!)

Maria, MirandaxD, Dane Dehaan, Rox, zEr0mEtAl, Ghulam.murtaza, Tindero ng balot, HashLuvCupcakes, The Six, owGods Empty, nino137, Dubai Mall, superboy906, Rockeeter, Ataulla asdf, 190, ione, xlX Ann Xlx, l ForeverAlone l Beautiful Pain

Don’t mind the colors, this helps us to see who’s names instead of all white. (:

58 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 26th May – 2nd June

  1. can anyone gift me light mystery box? i really want it ill gift u back something like fur boots when theres the gem code. my user is x Annabeth Chase

  2. some people came here so that’s why now everyone is coming over here and I like that lol

    • MirandaxD was the first if you scrolled down. I think I know why you said you were first, probably because the other comments weren’t moderated by authors as probably known as Act since she said she had to approve 30+ comments and can’t you read? she said they are not in order. be glad you were even mentioned in the post. Since MirandaxD said it first, why is she in second place in all of the names listed? because it isn’t in order.

      • Well you basically stole some of the words out of my mouth… No wait… I think all… Yeah she was first, but it doesn’t matter who is first or last, as long you know the right code, you are then credited in my post [:

        Edit: Just highlighted it in red, just in case someone else starts saying they were first.

      • Haha! Thanks for sticking up for me, but I really don’t care who was first or last. I just wanted everyone to get the code so they could use it. Oh and my ourworld name is MirandaxD so check me out!

      • yay i got 10 gems from a coupon code i have been waiting for this for a mouth :D at last i got it

  3. toolbar real code is i am posting i tryed and it worked (D61D-712A-C2CC-C345) So whats my reward please tell me soon

    • Oh there isn’t a reward if you mean by gifts. By credit I mean, crediting your name in my post. “Ghulam.murtaza” is credited in my post, unless you want that name changed?

      • My reward was the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped others and contributed to the community. ;)

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