Summer Outfits + Safari Mystery Box Price

Another year… Of Summer items! and also the price of the Safari Mystery box!

(This is part 1 of the Summer items. Part 2 Summer items might be in June)

Giraffe Print OutfitSpotted HoodieVery Hairy OutfitWilderness Outfit Zebra Print OutfitThe prices:

female items Male items

Safari Prices:


15 thoughts on “Summer Outfits + Safari Mystery Box Price

  1. where is codeeeeeeeeeees XP XP my acc will hack tomorrow if u didn’t give it to me :D :D i want to change my nameeeeeee i don’t want anybody to hack it please :D

  2. You done a mix up in Giraffe print and Cheetah print and called it “Giraffe print” xDD
    Seek = Cheetah Print in Blue
    Secret = Giraffe Print in Red

      • secret i cat figure out the password for the fractured girl cheat bt i got a cheat for our website it is on electric ave u give me fractured girl cheat i give u electric ave flow cheat

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