Gem Codes: 31st March – 7th April




Thanks lForever alonel!

12 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 31st March – 7th April

  1. umm where is the monthly gem code that is the only one I can use if anyone knows it can you please post it thank you

    • ok so you go on ourworld, look at the right hand corner it says account upgrede click it and then go on the second thing called user settings. In there srole all the way down and it say’s “Got A Coupon” go in the little box that say’s ” Enter Coupon Here ” and put the coupon/code here

      No problem,
      I will answer all your questions

    • There are codes for more trhan 10 gems the most i have seen is 20 gems you just have to look on line for more codes

  2. Sandra, help me please? I have received gem codes for several months now and I have not been successful in using them until this moment. I tried to copy and paste the Toolbar Code because I don’t use FB.
    I asked about two months ago where I have to paste the code and I received a reply that I should go to “Upgrade” and click “User settings” and then insert the code where it says “Got a coupon?”, click “Submit” and Bob’s your uncle. I have tried many times and until now Bob is still not a relative of mine.
    Every time I perform the above action, the “Coupon denied” frame pops up with the words: “Unknown Coupon” or “Coupon expired”.
    Though I do like to receive gems, I can live without them and it is not important enough for me to chase the issue; it’s more that I am intrigued why this isn’t working and want to find the answer.
    If you have a suggestion that would solve this riddle, I’d be grateful.
    If it were possible at all, a direct reply to my mailbox would be appreciated immensely, because I seem to get lost in the abundance of comments and replies to them on the site. Thanks.

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