Safari Mystery Box Items Preview (Incomplete)

Here are the items that were shown on the Log in screen on Act’s post!

Safari Box

Leaping Leopard


 Leaping Leopard Shirt and Dress Leaping Leopard Shoes

 Jumpy Giraffe

Jumpy Giraffe Vests Jumpy Giraffe Socks

 Terrific Tiger

Terrific Tiger Scarf Terrific Tiger Shoes

  Zealous Zebra
Zealous Zebra Hairs Zealous Zebra Jackets

Zealous Zebra Boots
Epic Explorer

Epic Explorer Backpack Epic Explorer Jackets Epic Explorer Pants Epic Explorer Shoes

Cheeky Cheetah Cheeky Cheetah Vests

Cheeky Cheetah Bodysuit and Pants

Awesome Oryx

Awesome Oryx Heads Awesome Oryx Socks

What do you think? Many more items to come, since I’m quite busy ^^

Psst, there will be another one called “Wild Safari” in a wild variant!


New Log In Screen

Well this is a pointless post, but I am sure most of you don’t think it’s pointless… Finally a new log in screen to stare at all day! look forward to!

log in screen

Yes, it does have something to do with the new mystery box that we haven’t show yet. Should be posted tomorrow or the next day~!

Gem Codes: 28th April – 5th May

Woohoo, codes! and we have to thank HapPy Gogo and Angela Alvarez for sharing them in comments [:



N/A (Not Available. But it might be available next week or in 2 weeks!)
But here’s APRIL’S Monthly code if you haven’t used it yet!

Gem Codes: 14th – 21st April

Here are the gem “code”s for this week! Strange that Monthly hasn’t been announced by ourWorld yet.


N/A (If you know the Toolbar code, comment and we will credit your name!)


Thank you  I Bea I, Kaye0261 & lForever alonel for Facebook code.

Psst. There has been a HeartBleed bug going around, it’s a new type of hacking system that someone has created. Able to hack any website accounts. as ourWorld announced, no one’s account has been harmed during that day. But some other websites may have been, so I suggest to change your passwords on those accounts. More information what HeartBleed Bug is.

Updates: New Hairs Part 2 + Easter 2014 Clothing

Here are the hairs and pricesssss:

hair priceee hairs

I’m sorry but there is no price for the last bottom row, you get it free by taking off your hair. XD

And the Easter outfit+ price:


Psst no ads feature too:


Gem Codes: 7th- 14th April

Here are the gem “code”s for this week. (I don’t know about the Toolbar code, since mine uninstall by it self and won’t install back.)




Thank you  lForever alonel for Facebook!
Thank you ione for Toolbar!
Thank you ourworldmrsdummmy for Monthly!

May close down this blog due to rarely playing oW + Act has kind of left live but not Playtest yet.