New Updates : Whisper Indicators And Egg Hunt

Hey guys! >:D Here are the new updates, first up Whisper Indicators!


As you can see I got 2 whispers in total by the same person and I haven’t checked it yet. Another person whispered me, which is 3 in total that I haven’t checked yet. Yeah pretty simple.

And of course….

No not Spongebob. ;D

Egg hunt! Mostly everyone knows about the Egg Hunt on oW! It’s been going on since I joined which is 2011. But I’m sure it’s been going longer than that! This is an update for the people that recently joined and have never seen Egg Hunt yet. All you need to do is buy a basket (Like trick or treating. When I joined, you didn’t needed a basket). This time Girls and Boys get their own colored basket. :c


(It isn’t no level for coins. It’s a bug)

Easter Basket

When you have your Egg basket, time to go around oW finding useless awesome eggs!


First is the egg, next is random (Chicken/bird, bunny or candy!) Don’t worry, there’s more colors than yellow. My luck was yellow. You can be a bunny/bird for 5 minutes and then wears off.

3 thoughts on “New Updates : Whisper Indicators And Egg Hunt

  1. Wait..WHY do girls get pink and boys get blue?? I’m debating here because my favorite color is blue, and I know some boys thats’ favorite color is pink. It’s not fair. And I’m confused about the whole chat thingy. Can someone explain for me? Oh and when do the baskets come out?

    • Someone whispers you and you haven’t checked their whisper(Opened up the chat log) , so the remaining number is 1. Another person whispers you twice and you still have not checked, the new remaining number is 3.

      31st March (April 1st in some other countries)

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