New Updates: Full Screen Mode + Alternate Chat Style

In The next updates, you will have a choice of full screen or not full screen. See here with normal:

Full Screen

Full screen:

Full Screen 2

To exit out of it (I’m sure you all know) Esc on your keyboard.

As you can see “Use alternate chat style” is under “Change Icon (Or for tourist, under change name)”

Chat box

Tick it, to get this:

Chat box2

When the mouse isn’t over the chat log:

Chat box 3

So what do you think of these updates?

10 thoughts on “New Updates: Full Screen Mode + Alternate Chat Style

  1. Im entering the 2014 Halloween Item Contest but Im considering changing my name, if they write my current username under the item (if I win that is) and I change my name would the name under the item change as well?? I don’t want to loose the credit I would get if I won!

    • If you write your current name now in the email to them, they will only credit that name if you win. So if you are planning to change your name now, it will be best if you make another account and name it your current name that you have now, so if you win, that other account will get the gems to gift yourself. Or state your new name in the email. They only give the winners prizes near October. So you better know when you are going to change your name! (:

    • Damn, I forgot to cover that up on the other picture, I was in a rush.
      Anyways, Playtest server gives out free gems and coins for testing. So I basically don’t have that amount.
      So on Live server, I do not have 516 gems and 26mil coins.

  2. Oh wow! This seems interesting :D

    BTW can you guys add me? It is the same user above, and the l’s are L’s lowercase :)

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