Gem Codes: 3rd – 9th March

Hey, codes are in today!  Well er.. I mean code is here, that code is the Facebook gem code.  Another code has arrived, HORRAY! That’s two this week, 10 more and we’re off to a good start haha, enjoy the free gems!

Facebook: 16F4-20AD-B214-882B

Toolbar: 074B-821F-B1A1-EC66

Monthly: N/A (March)

Thanks to Fox52711, Roberta Dapkute , and Shadow for the toolbar code!

21 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 3rd – 9th March

  1. all what we had to do is sending a request to ourworld to make them fix the toolbar or uninstall it and here is the result in the same day thank me ppl ;)

    • I agree the toolbar isn’t working for me either :/ The code is correct and i have the toolbar installed but it keeps coming up saying “You must have the toolbar installed and/or visible to use this code” Even considering i copied the code from there :/


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