Gem Codes: 10th – 17th Feb

Woops sorry! This was supposed to be posted yesterday and it was in draft and I thought I posted it. My bad, my bad….

Facebook: 6ED7-6DC0-6E8A-0983

Toolbar: 6F85-D24E-D944-06FC (Thanks FrinTheHuman and Secret! :D)

Monthly: 627B-D13A-744D-D0DD (Jan one was putted by mistake)

36 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 10th – 17th Feb

  1. Argh! A new Toolbar code showed up on my Toolbar today (1DC9-E2F1-E466-9190 ), however when I tried entering it OW says that it has expired. I think we’re at 2 weeks without a new Toolbar code.
    *shakes fist at OW*

  2. its too late now today is thusday you said that gems are posted on tuesday what the hell post the gem codes fast or else……………..

    • I tried the gem code and even when I am playing on Facebook it is telling me that the coupon is only valid when I am connected to or playing on Faccebook. Anyone have any suggestions?

  3. ok fine i am soory i know that i am being rude but the monthly code is not working if i say it in a good manner then i guess u will understand it so the monthly code is not working i need gems so can you just do something please

    • Well since you said sorry. We have edit the code to the working code for everyone, what does it say when you paste the code in and click Submit. Does it say; Coupon expired, You have already used this code or telling you that you need to trick the box for the code to work, is any of that right? If not, what does it exactly says? if I know why, I might be able to help.

    • If your too lazy to write “you” then I’m too lazy too think that “u” are intelligent.

      Anyways, I notice some points you used. “Careless” ahmen, you are kinda stating yourself, why? that’s simple! you are careless enough to call people an idiot, not a respecter and telling someone off to maintain their job? now that is most careless.
      How can I tell that your under 12 years old? oh please your grammar. Horrible. Just. Horrible. If you want to have a real argument of something (a more intelligent one but I know you can’t come up with one)
      You just want to start a pathetic child fight.
      Another thing I want to state, this isn’t a job. We are not getting paid for it, so that’s why we are usually late. We are paying this blog with our own time, which isn’t wasting it. If you care to tell people what’s coming out or gem codes, we would use our little spare time to post that.

      I can’t believe a selfish person like you would even criticize on something so stupid of monthly code then go to a different subject as “you are all idiots” if you are going to reply, my reply to you would be “invalid argument” :)

  4. i am not being rude or something like i am not thankful to u i am saying that the monthly code is not working till now u can say it to ourworld right but u cannot do this also to maintain ur job and this shows that u r a idiot as well as a stupid

    • You are pretty much are being rude. If you were stating an opinion, you wouldn’t use the word “idiot or stupid” in it, would you? so you are pretty much being rude. Yes, I can see your not thankful, to EVERYONE. We all do mistakes in our posts, until now we updated it. We all have lives in real, not to spend 24 hours a day on a blog just to make you satisfied, no I’m not wasting my time with your ignorant comments and careless. I gave you a chance with you, but nope you just want to be ignorant. I hope you do find another life on another blog to waste your time on. Your pretty much wasting your time writing that comment, you must really care.

    • This whole statement is a contradiction in terms. You state you are not being rude, yet you use abusive language! Besides your use of grammar is not exactly up to par and I’d say I concur with the conclusion of Secret in respect of the remark regarding ignorance. Your education seems lacking. Maybe that’s why you don’t consider yourself rude. You don;t seem to know; it’s all a matter of perspective.

      • You are being rude she put it by mistake so yeah it wont work but don’t be mean about it you are overreacting there is nothing done by calling her an idiot

  5. Thanks for posting (and correcting) them so quickly! A little late is better than never. I missed so many gems before I found your site.

    • Go into the Account/Upgrade tab (top right) and select User Settings then scroll down until you find the spot that says “Got a coupon?” and enter it there.
      You can also enter it from the Gems tab. Select “Earn Gems” the you can select “Coupon Code” in the “More” section and enter it there.

      • OK. Thanks. Now that’s out of the way. At least I know how to do this. Didn’t achieve any results though! I tried first the monthly number and when that didn’t work I tried the toolbar equally unsuccessful. Will keep on trying with the next opportunity.

  6. monthly code is not working O_O what is this the codes r never on time and whenever they r posted always toolbar codes or monthly codes or facebook codes r missing and sometimes they donot work this is ur one job do it properly and if u cant do they leave it no need to do dont waste ur and our time idiots

    • How rude. It’s not our fault that we miss the codes, it’s the ourWorld staff that makes them and we post them. Sure we may be one day late or few hours late, but there’s no need to be rude over it. Yes the monthly code does work, it has been re corrected. Codes doesn’t come out on exact Monday on everyone’s time zones, it may come out on Tuesday for everyone else but Monday for ourWorld. If you are going to call anyone an idiot, you might as well get no codes from ourWorld at all. So be thankful.

      • Why don’t you try do it yourself if you talked so big??? People are busy in real life too. Unlike you, who is at home playing ourworld all day long…. We are trying our best….. xS

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