Gem Codes: 3rd – 10th Feb

Hello everyone! I’m kind of back after my holiday, you might be thinking “Yeah yeah stop the talkin’ and tell me the gem codes already”


627B-D13A-744D-D0DD (Thank you Atilia Iman!)


Thank you FrinTheHuman & l Mintique l!

19 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 3rd – 10th Feb

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve been receiving your gem codes now for some time and have tried to find out how to apply them without much success.

    I mst seem a dimwit to you, but I cannot figure it out and some I’m asking you how to apply them.

    If you would go to the trouble I’d like to know both options, though I guess in the toolbar would be my preference. Don’t use FB much. Too much clutter! In the toolbar is probably more direct anyway. All guesswork!

    Thanks very much for the effort.

    Best regards, Renier Emons Mob. : eFax : SKYPE ID: (Mod has removed for personal safety)

    • Hi! This is how you can get the gem codes working:
      (This is how I put the gem codes in)
      1. Go to where you see your gems and put your mouse over it, a drop menu should automatically come down.

      2. You should see two options from there. “Buy with Money” & “Earn for free” Click the “Earn For Free” Option.

      3. From there a window will open in the game, go to the left sidebar and you should see “Offers”, “Partners”, and “More”. Click the “More” Option.

      4. If you are currently playing OurWorld off of Facebook, see the first bullet, if you’re playing off of check the second bullet.
      – Facebook: You should only see the bar that says “Coupon Code”. Click on that option. You should see several bars. Find the one that says “Coupon Code” and click it.

      5. A second window should pop up inside the game, scroll all the way down and you should see a space called “Got A Coupon?” Click the box and type in the gem code you have. (Note: For the Facebook code to work, you must be playing on Facebook and/or be connected to Facebook. For the Toolbar code to work, you must have the toolbar downloaded in your browser)

      6. Hit submit, and you should get an email in the game, and earn 10 gems!

      I hope this helped, if it didn’t friend any one of my accounts, and contact me. I’ll be sure to try to help even more! My Accounts are: RaishaLynn, 8D Karli 8D, l Zoey l

      Have fun playing on OurWorld! :D

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