Gem Codes: 27th Jan – 3rd Feb


I’m sorry I do not know Toolbar or Monthly. Monthly usually comes out 2nd week. “Usually”

as I heard, Facebook code probably won’t work on main ourWorld page you can always try (Be logged into Facebook or it won’t work)

If you know a working Toolbar code, I will credit you~


14 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 27th Jan – 3rd Feb

  1. every single time i put a code in it is ALWAYS expired even though it came out on the same day ):
    i’m sooo ripped of gems…and i’m a beginner, got nowhere far on da game ):

    • I meant as on your on main ow page and trying to connect by settings page, it will just log you in Facebook but doesn’t say you are connected on ow. srry for my typo just edited

      • hey! My FB gem codes arent’t working, I ws nt able 2 access it for 2 weeks :( XP
        Plzz help me if u cpuld

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