January 2014 Monthly items

Almost 2014 already?… That aint’ too fair…

I also found the January monthly items, and they’re absolutely fabulous!

Oh, and the hair is available for both male and female characters :3

Edit: Since there’s been a lot of… comments.. asking when this will come out, I’ll say the general time. Although I’m not 100% sure they will come out at this time. I’m guessing the items will come out the first or second week of January, so please be patient. ^^

Unisex Items:

Hair dec 1

F hair 1 F hair 2U handheld item


M belb... 1


F belb... 1

40 thoughts on “January 2014 Monthly items

    • Since they’re monthly items, you can probably buy the whole set in a box or the items separately. (The box set (which still has all the items) costs a bit less than buying all the items separately)

      • @Autumn
        No there not… Are you that stupid? Why would outworld have the JANUARY monthly items come out in DECEMBER? What the heck is wrong with you??

      • And you’re still being rude, check your attitude and get off of here, kid. The reason I said that is because OurWorld Gem Codes said it would be. Don’t call people stupid because they don’t know. I’m not here for an argument. Learn some manners and respect please.

      • @Autumn
        I didn’t really mean to have an attitude, sorry that i have anger issues. Nobody’s perfect, ya know? -.- Anyways, OGC sometimes doesn’t know what there saying. Like when they said Fright Box LV will come out in May last time but it came out in October instead. Also, your being rude yourself for telling me to get off. I may be a kid which i am but that doesn’t mean for you to boss me around like a toy. Anyways, good bye and good day m’am!

    • First of all, Sorry. Second of all, the items MAY come out the End of December or the first or second week of January. Although I’m not entirely sure, so you’d have to wait until then ^^

      • Do you know the price of the box that has all of the items in it? Because, y’know, the box costs slightly less than buying the items individually.

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