Gem Codes: 9th – 16 December

Ello guys. Secret won’t be posting soo much as she used to because she went on Holiday without me. So now I’m stuck here all alone 0:< okay, okay. Here’s codes. Trust me, I am lazy as I can be. So just checking comments for codes. And credits will go to them (To the comments that I looked at. Had to approve 40+ comments jeez. o_o)

Facebook Code:

Toolbar Code:

Thanks: owGods Skylyn & lForever alonel

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About Act

This is Act on ourWorld. I love posting new items and redoing cheats. And of course I like caps lock. I usually don't type like this, I like being non grammar. "cuz, u no?" Mkay not that bad grammar. HAHA. Well, my profile picture is from Secret... Her imvu character. This looks great as a selfie.

28 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 9th – 16 December

  1. Mounthly Code Is For Me Awesomeeeeeeee Beecuz I Was Havin 0 Gem Then When I Cheak The Mounthly Code Then I Get 56 Gems O_O It Was Really Shock To Me Really ThanKyu Secret ThanKyu Ourworld

  2. Awww you’re not alone secret will come back and you have us anyways they can entertain you….Which I know they might not. :/

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