Gem Codes: 2nd – 9th December

Woot, December! :D (Oh, I like to say that Veronica won’t be in Soho anymore + no Bejeweled items or Popcap. (NO PLANT VS ZOMBIES NUUUUUUU) *Ahem* Still no Monthly or Toolbar. Guess we still have to wait… BLEH I’M NOT GOOD AT WAITING! oh right, here’s Facebook code



43 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 2nd – 9th December

  1. I forgot to mention this is a really good blog/website what ever you call it!? It’s really good! It helps me alot! Ahh and Thanks Alot!!!

  2. Why aren’t you posting new Facebook and Monthly codes anymore!!! :(( BTW add me username ———–>(Paw Cx)<————– Without the paranthesis though Okayyy

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