Gem Codes: 25th Nov – 2nd December

Still waiting for rest of the codes!


Not available

Not available

I’m awfully sorry for not updating the blog as much. I been so busy and distracted from another game which is quite addicting.

So I will need some new bloggers~! Doesn’t matter what level you are, just need someone who is good at knowing when is the next updates or gem codes. All you need is a WordPress account. If you do have a WordPress account, please tell me your User name (Not public one) and I shall add you to the Contributor list.

31 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 25th Nov – 2nd December

  1. Hey! ^_^ I just feel like I could be some use and post the toolbar code. It’s kinda late but… yeah… >_>

  2. I’ve been blogging on a site called loversofourworld I’d like to contribute. gem codes every week, I have items there, and a bunch of other stuff. tell me if I can help you guys!

  3. Even though I sound like a loser please gift me gems I haven’t been on here and a while and I hate watching videos to get gems, so if you could help please gift me gems. I also have a friend who might be able to help you guys. Please respond and gift! Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for the codes!!!!!!
    Seriously OGC is going onto something else than Gem Codes but thank you Secret~

    Keep posting plz :)

    • Ameba Pigg, not many ourWorlders heard of it since it’s a different language. But it’s quite easy to sign up if you had some friend or someone to help you. Or just Google translate it (Google isn’t very good at translating, they get the wording mixed up. But you will get the idea what it was actually saying)

  5. I love you guys! I would love to post here. If you need convincing that I update well, you can check out my website I already have (Wont say because I hate people who put advertise like that)

    I wouldn’t mind doing both! Let me know if you would like the link to the site. I can do gem codes. (I helped you guys sometimes with gem codes by commenting :P) Ourworld updates, (Clothing or new games or something like that) and cheats for flow and gems.
    -Ourworldmrsdummy <3

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