Gem codes: 28th Oct – 4th Nov

Hey. I am tired right now and don’t feel like posting.  Editing is done  is by Secret.

Toolbar: N/A (Still haven’t got the code yet. Refreshed toolbar daily, still nothing new. Sorry!)

Facebook: 0E08-BECB-B6C0-37CF (Thanks Khate_Yumi)

Monthly: FA26-8B88-065C-8E5C 

Use the codes before they expire!



Gem Codes: 21st – 28th October

Yet another week for more gems~

October Monthly Gem Code: 3463-2927-472E-A7B4 (Can only be used once because it is monthly.)

Facebook Gem Code: FF48-F3B8-D06E-572E(Thank you Mrs Dummy)

Toolbar Gem Code: D975-3065-D5F9-7AB8

And here’s a funny video clip for you to laugh at. Because I feel like it. Eh~

Fright Box 2009 (Light)

Hey, you know my last post about the Fright box 2009? Well, it’s actually coming true~ See here for my last post about it But it has more items than the older mystery box! Take a peek here: (MORE TO ADD SOON. JUST THOUGHT TO POST NOW!)

Cost: 60 gems per mystery box.
Coming out: 28th October
End: 10th November

Fright Box



Black DrippingWhiteCrows wing

halo hat hat2 hat3

The outfits:

Fright2009 Fright20092

Gem Codes: 14th – 21st October

Here’s some gem codes. Which you have been waiting for! I don’t know the Toolbar code. Sorry about that. If you do, I will credit your name!

Monthly Gem Code:


Facebook Gem Code:

6632-1121-3A27-6FFD (Thanks ourworldmrsdummy and vaaz)

New Update ~ Events

In the next update (I’m sure you know when that is!) the create events page is a little bit different, but still has the same options. This is what we have now:


And the new one: (I’m selecting Party. Not chat room or wedding. But they will be a similar.

   eventcreate eventcreate event2create event3For the last image, it looks exactly the same as this:


Which no one ever uses. Since I see a lot of “Boys only” events. Which they should of un-ticked “Girls allowed”

So what do you think of this update?

Halloween Items ~ Part 2 (UPDATED)

Yup, more Halloween items coming. But it will be the last batch of Halloween items till next year. Sorry for bad transparent. I’m not so good with that.


Pumpkin Pumpkin2 Pumpkin4

Dark Days

Dark Days3 Dark Days4 Dark Days6 Dark Days8

Wings (Not head piece)

Belfry Bat Belfry Bat3 Belfry Bat4 Belfry Bat6


Pumpkin Pumpkin3 Pumpkin5 Pumpkin6

Dark Days

Dark Days2 Dark Days5 Dark Days7 Dark Days9

Wings (Not head piece)

Belfry Bat Belfry Bat2 Belfry Bat5 Belfry Bat7

Plenty more coming as well. Just keep checking to see if there is more!

Since supergal88 didn’t update this page as much, I decided to put the prices for these items and what they look like on characters.

Dark Days (Forgotten the horns and Gloves. The horns are on Fierce Flame)

Dark Days

Fierce Flame (With animated Wings)


Pumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch

Wicked Whims + Familiar + Animated Wings


Belfry Bat

Belfry Bat

And for the prices:





Wings + Pets:


Animated wings


Click here for the other wings (We’re having issues with the gif for that one)

Erm. Sorry for the flickering colors on the last one.

Gem Codes: 30th September – 7th October

Hey guys. Here’s the gem codes for this week. Been pretty lazy lately, so blame me. Monthly code only comes out some where in the first week or 2nd week. And I don’t know the Toolbar, if you know it, we will credit your name.


A973-AEBB-FC98-F84C (Thanks Wham 8D!)

N/A (Nuttttt available)