Haunted House Condo Items + Extra Updates

(Just in case you start asking me when the basket comes out or any other stuff, keep checking Next Updates page every 2 weeks. That’s we all know what date it will be coming out. Instead of asking over and over again)

I think I will skip the Haunted House Condo Items for now (Because I’m still adding them) So, this is what the monthly items look like: (The pets doesn’t come with the monthly set.)


Price for the basket: unfortunately you have to use this basket, because you can’t use the older ones.


What you can get from Trick or Treating:

Checker Me Out Dress
Checker Me Out Jacket (Boys only)
Dashing Devil Monocle
Fang Fun Cape
Fright Mystery Box 2009
Fright Mystery Box 2010
Fright Mystery Box 2011
Fright Mystery Box 2012
Fright Mystery Box 2013
Holmes The Hound Of Darkness
Prim Pumpkin Jacket (female only)
Prim Pumpkin Vest (male only)
Skull Wicked Witch Hat
Sugar Skull Face Tattoo
and of course temporary/permanent candies

And for the Haunted House Condo Items


I may have missed a few items.

24 thoughts on “Haunted House Condo Items + Extra Updates

    • Well, somebody told me that Zoe’s Club members have a better chance of getting things that aren’t candies. Correct me if I’m wrong, though, because that’s just what I’ve heard. And I bet it’s right. But if you are zoe’s, oh well…..

      • I don’t think it’s right. I think it just matters of luck and being in the right place right time clicking the right person. I’m not Zoe’s, not even close I haven’t had any rares before this, but I’ve gotten two mystery boxes and a hat from toting. I’ve had the most luck at the pier. Azia gave me a 2009 box and DougBot gave me a 2013 box. Try going there.. Good luck Jenny. (And Eve I hope I’m not being rude :) )

      • ‘Kay… Thanks for your opinion!!
        IDK why, but there was something holding me back from opening it… Idk

    • 25 gems — It’s worth it, you can get awesome stuff. So far, I’ve gotten:
      Tons of temp candies :(
      2 perm lollipops :|
      Skull Wicked Witch Hat :)
      Fright Mystery Box 2009 :D

  1. Is there a way to get your items back if u were hacked?? A girl who used to be names its only me lvl 17 took my angelic wings and fu lion claws in white. Idk how I can get it back

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