Gem Codes (September 2 – September 8)

                     The September monthly gem code isn’t out yet! Sorry everyone!

    Facebook Gem Code:  1743-6518-3334-1D70

             Toolbar Gem Code : 82DF-642A-EE00-4F95

Monthly Gem Code (September) :  N/A 

                   You must be logged into Facebook for the Facebook Gem Code to work. To              use the toolbar gem code, you must have the toolbar installed and visible. The      monthly gem code is called ‘Monthly gem code’ for a reason, you can only use it once a  month!

Also the monthly code comes out 2nd or 3rd of the week~

15 thoughts on “Gem Codes (September 2 – September 8)

  1. everyone has problems with the toolbar , they say ensure that the toolbar is visible and downloaded when people enter the code , when you look in google chrome extensions you see ourworld toolbar so why are you posting it ?

    • Lolwut. “everyone”. Everyone means, every single person that has the ourWorld toolbar. Everyone which is including me, and it’s working perfectly fine with me. Because I’m using a different browser, because I hate chrome, the word you could of used was “most people”. That’s the reason why he posted. FOR the people that does have WORKING toolbar’s.

    • It didn’t work in Chrome for me either. But it works perfectly fine in Firefox. So I suggest you try Firefox version of the toolbar in the Firefox browser.

  2. You done a good job on this post, with the tags and category. I have ranked you up to Author. So you don’t have to wait for someone to review it. If you done something wrong, Act will probably go and rank you back down to Contributor. As usual.

    Also, if you’re apart of the forums. Here are some simple rules to follow that won’t get your rank lowered. If you just joined, tell me your user name so I can change your role to Blog Poster~

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