Gem Codes (September 23 – 30th )

 Well, the codes are here today! So use them up :)

Monthly Gem Code: 8C0F-8C2D-9895-687C (SEPTEMBER)

Toolbar Gem Code: BE99-2AA9-3F94-AFC5

Facebook Gem Code: 749C-B348-8B47-00CE
Enjoy :)

How To Take Over Islands Glitch

Want a new color theme in the island, like this one?


Here’s how!

Step 1: Wear Giant Potion (Not the 15 minutes or otherwise you won’t get this)

Step 2: Wear some costume. I’m wearing a snowman costume with red scarf

Step 3: Get account/friend that has baby bottles (You can get from crews) and make sure your other account isn’t in the same crew with you. Otherwise it wouldn’t work

Step 4: Throw the baby bottle (But don’t refresh) and then you will become skinny. Wait for it to wear off


Step 5: You will become a bit more fatter. Throw another one and wait till it wears off. (Maybe try this 10 times or 13?)


And walla. (Maybe zoom out too. By holding Ctrl on your keyboard and –

red redy

Credits to Secret for telling me how

Credits to Insane Mind and Secretly for throwing the baby bottles

Credits to OwGods Allison, Acts and molly194 for being there and joining the fun c:

Haunted House Condo Items + Extra Updates

(Just in case you start asking me when the basket comes out or any other stuff, keep checking Next Updates page every 2 weeks. That’s we all know what date it will be coming out. Instead of asking over and over again)

I think I will skip the Haunted House Condo Items for now (Because I’m still adding them) So, this is what the monthly items look like: (The pets doesn’t come with the monthly set.)


Price for the basket: unfortunately you have to use this basket, because you can’t use the older ones.


What you can get from Trick or Treating:

Checker Me Out Dress
Checker Me Out Jacket (Boys only)
Dashing Devil Monocle
Fang Fun Cape
Fright Mystery Box 2009
Fright Mystery Box 2010
Fright Mystery Box 2011
Fright Mystery Box 2012
Fright Mystery Box 2013
Holmes The Hound Of Darkness
Prim Pumpkin Jacket (female only)
Prim Pumpkin Vest (male only)
Skull Wicked Witch Hat
Sugar Skull Face Tattoo
and of course temporary/permanent candies

And for the Haunted House Condo Items


I may have missed a few items.

Gem Codes: 16th – 22th September

Awesome, all the codes are here today! Use the gem codes and save for fright boxes :D These codes each give 100 10 gem codes D: Oh well <_<


 8C0F-8C2D-9895-687C (SEPTEMBER)





Gem Codes: 9th – 16th September

I’m sorry. I do not know Toolbar code. But, I think Monthly will be coming verrrrrrrry soon.

DFBF-1D6F-81AD-AF27  (Thank you Big Dork!)

B495-080B-98B4-BF77 (thank you Razrim!)

8C0F-8C2D-9895-687C (Thank you Hetalia Italy!)

Use them before they expire!

Haunted Mansion Condo Theme + Fright 2013 Outfits

Hello, these items will be coming out on 16th September Not October. Haha.



And for the outfits, also a note: In these photos, it does not include Vamp teeth, summer items and etc. And we will add more outfits once we get enough gems to complete the other outfits.

Warden Of The Inferno:


Shadow Reaper:


Zombie Hunter:

Zombie Hunter

Some damn weird outfit… WITH MANIC TEETH! (Act) XDD (Yes, Teeth, Horns, Wings, Swords comes from the box. The rest doesn’t. You CAN’T buy them separately. Well, in Marketplace you can.)


Halloween Islands + Trick or Treat Basket ~2013~

Hey! are you excited for Halloween? No? not in real life? Ok. BUT what about ourWorld? uh? uh? yes? Good. I am here to show you the islands and the horrible amazing looking basket!

Trick or Tret



Beat Street
beat streetBoardwalk

boardwalkElectric Avenue

electric avenuePier




Vegas World

vegas world

wonderland wonderland2

Wonderland will be coming soon!


Gem Codes (September 2 – September 8)

                     The September monthly gem code isn’t out yet! Sorry everyone!

    Facebook Gem Code:  1743-6518-3334-1D70

             Toolbar Gem Code : 82DF-642A-EE00-4F95

Monthly Gem Code (September) :  N/A 

                   You must be logged into Facebook for the Facebook Gem Code to work. To              use the toolbar gem code, you must have the toolbar installed and visible. The      monthly gem code is called ‘Monthly gem code’ for a reason, you can only use it once a  month!

Also the monthly code comes out 2nd or 3rd of the week~

October 2013 Monthly Items (Incomplete)

Hey! I am here to show you awesome sets. But not all of the items yet. I will update the post once I found the Qatest link to it. By the way, forget about the smiley faces on the sets. I got bored. LOL







Now… What do ya think? c:

(Also, Secret won’t be posting for awhile, since she feels awful after she came from the hospital)