New 2 Updates: Find Friends Faster + Menu Toolbar

Ah yes, new more updates. But I don’t really like the new toolbar. I personally like this old one we used to had:

toBut anyways, here’s the new updates for the toolbar: (Also, if you can’t see these 2 Toolbar images clearing, click them to have a bigger view of it)


When you over your mouse over the gems, you have a way to choose to buy or earn them for free.


When you click “Buy with Money” you will get this:


When you click “Earn for Free” you will get this option:


Now, for the search friends faster thing. (I couldn’t do much pictures, because this update is very buggy on the other ourWorld server, so I did a little example of one word)

So, you see here I have thousands of friends, but I need to find one particular but I forgot her name, but I remember a few letters (or one word) in her name. I remember there was Crazy, so I put crazy in the “Enter a user name” and hit enter.


And I have found her, name was Crazy Duck (Aka: April), you can do this with letters. Like you only remembered 2 or 3 letters of the person name, so you probably would enter it as “cra” and hit enter. I’m sorry if this does not make sense. Lol.


What do you think of these new updates?

19 thoughts on “New 2 Updates: Find Friends Faster + Menu Toolbar

    • They’re having problems with it, since it’s all glitchy and laggy. When it was suppose to come out, it was glitched. Like when you type “saou” it would come up “Sorry, cannot be found in ourWorld” which it should of said: “Sorry, saou cannot be found in ourWorld” so I don’t think it would be coming out anytime soon or never since it was their mistake for putting that feature there.

  1. Nice but updating the tool bar again on our world back to black? :\ i have been playing for a long time started in 2009 but started playing more in 2010, back then it was black same as this one, but they did not have some of the stuff on it as the new one, Then latter on they changed it to blue. still seem nice. I don’t know if it will help more seems more harder because you gotta click more to get the the gem videos, or to buy gems even with your phone,
    so yes I am gonna miss the old tool bar, because its less harder to get too things.

  2. i tried logging in today on ourworld but it did everything like it woulld usually but it went to your on your way thing then took me back to log in page so i tried logging in on fb but it did the same, do u know why this is? plz help

  3. So wait………. you can add coins? :o
    I saw the little plus sign on the tool bar next to the coins………. That’s kinda awsome (If true)!
    ANYWAYS! i also agree with secret… the old tool bar was better, even this one is ok.

  4. Thanks so much secret :D Glad to see it’s still the same as it now is! c: I really got worried when i saw this new update o_o And thought there won’t be Stuff like buying gems on your mobile and they may have removed it >_< But thanks so much :D

  5. Will you still be able to buy gems on your Mobile from SuperRewards, will SuperRewards be still there by Gems? :o Or is it only available for credit cards for now on or other payments?? :(

    • They will be still be there and still be the same. They just changed the thing, to something more simple. Like, when you’re in Marketplace and you accidentally hover your mouse over the Gems and this big option thing comes up. So with this new update, when you’re in Marketplace and accidentally hover your mouse over it, you will only get those 2 small options coming up without exiting the Marketplace. I have added two new pictures in the post, to make it more understandable.

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