Light + Dark Outfits

Yes, I’m here to show you the items on a character. I’m sorry, no hair preview because ourWorld is so mean they won’t give it to me after spending 3,000+ gems!

*Cough* anyways.

Demonic Demonic2 Demonic3 Demonic4 Demonic5Angelic Angelic2 Angelic3

Sorry that there were a very few outfits of the light one. I was more into Dark… So.. All gems wasted was on that… Hehehehe…. So, what do you think of these items? Going to be buying any? <3

16 thoughts on “Light + Dark Outfits

  1. I have a great idea for the site! You should post the MPA estimated by the million of each item! I know its a lot of work but I think it’s a great idea just saying. Plz rate the comment to tell me wat u think of my idea and Act, Paw, Secret ect plz reply to tell me if u would do it!

  2. This is the worst ow site I’ve ever seen never entering here again ogc is better than this.And Secret why did you post the flow cheat IF YOU DON’T WANT OTHERS TO FIND OUT.HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND OUT A STUPID WORD THAT YOU SAY TO YOUR BEST FRIENDS.HATE THIS SITE AND HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU NEVER CARE ABOUT OW PLAYERS.

    • dude. get the hell out of the site then? we don’t care if you hate it or not. you seem to care about this site to comment this piece of junk.

    • If it’s the worst site ever then why you even still here? And she made a password to make Ow Staff don’t access the post.. And it’s not about besties or not.. Why don’t you just guess? And if you hate it that much then No need for letting ur anger here o_o And she do care cause she even did this post (:

    • First of all, This website has been here in a while. Things change alot. So get off there backs. They were generous enough to make this site and tell people around the world about ow and your criticizing it?

    • If you hate this site so much then why do you even bother to come on and rant about it? Seriously, do something useful for once in your life then comment on a website and saying how much you hate it because if you don’t like this website then 2 words. GET OUT.

    • dude if she didn’t care about ow plays why would she make the site and put all the effort into keeping it updated?

  3. When do they come out!?! I always look but its never there :’c but on the bright side it will give me more time to earn gems!

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