Summer Contest Winners Price Items

HELLO! You saw the preview of the hairs, Mustaches, Black Sailor, Butterfly, Ice-Cream…. *Hungryyyyyyy* Anyways! here what it looks like on a character and the prices!


Prices for Females:


Prices for Males:


Ohh. Guess what? c:


These beautiful boxes. I don’t see a sign of the 2011 boxes.. So you better get the 2011 before they go on August 18th!

Uhmm. Here’s side views of the hair. Not so amazing but still.. :3


28 thoughts on “Summer Contest Winners Price Items

  1. I saved up like 250 gems for this awesome chit! :D It’s coming later today and I can’t wait! Btw for all u ppl who have been asking when it’s coming out she posted a message that said it was coming out August 5th! Ur welcome :P

  2. need that long hair x.x SO PRETTY!!! I hope I will be able t buy it off market, too. I have 90 gems so im pretty sure I can buy it :D I CANT WAIT

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