Summer Contest Items

The summer contest items are in! I’m so exited!


Blazing Summer Hair + Bow (Created by Paw aka Secret )




Black Sailor Outfit (Created by Battle Angel)


Sprinkles  (Created by Destiny x)

Mr. Popsicle (Designed by AsainSwag)


Butterfly Aura (Created by DestinyLuvsYou)


Will be released on 5th August! Prices will be posted 30th July.

31 thoughts on “Summer Contest Items

  1. , so how do you get these items ? is it a mystery box that will be coming out or what ? btw i love them !<3

  2. it looks good with the bow the hair and the sailor suit then you get freaking sprinkles which I think they could have animated WAAAAYY better then thats then some floaing mustche (not everyone is crzy about mustches) the a popsicle with a monocle and a mustache, now thats cute!
    then they have the elegant Butterfly Aura, which i think is absoloutly darling! ADD ME ON OURWORLD MY USERNAME IS StudMuffin 02 LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF MY REVIEW!

  3. I absalutely love it! First site I’ve seen with these updates. Thanks! :D

    And congrats Secret and others whose ideas got chosen. :)

      • I swear this is the last answer I am giving. I am damn sick of repeating same thing. C_A_A. fill the missing letters. she never said this out loud in public or posted the word. she only said it to her friends. u know.. her crazy moments. like this: “Palalalala C_a_a ma_aaaaa” but in caps… o-o

  4. omgggg dat hair u made Riana(Secret)… IT’S BOOTIFUL
    omg dat mustache, i shall steal it off the ice cream and run away laufing.
    kk i failed at slang.

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