Flow Cheat: Black White Car

This game is also now patched. Which means, no more flow. ourWorld is doing this, so they won’t lose money. (Real) because what we are doing is getting stuff for free with our coins and won’t be bothered to buy stuff for gems. So, they patched this one too.

Okay, you may be wondering.. Wait not wondering you may be acting like this: “OMG KABAN NOT WORKING FOR ME, I’M NOT GETTING ANYMORE FLOW. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? TO DOOO?” Okay, I was being sarcastic there… *Ahem* There is ANOTHER new way. No, not the dance move thing, doesn’t really work for me…

Step one: Go to Action in Games


Step two: Click play game, play game again and then click Free mode.


Step three: Try and find monster truck, monster truck would look like this: (If you don’t know how to play, use the up and down keys to avoid birds and rocks. Use the up arrow key to get the monster truck.)


Step four: Press space bar on your keyboard

And now watch the flow comin’ in. (; (Don’t press space on the game, otherwise… I think you know what I mean. It starts the game of course.)

Posted on July 23rd~

16 thoughts on “Flow Cheat: Black White Car

  1. I have one more cheat available wich I used
    using still
    I reached level 150 in few months by using that cheat
    I’m scared to say about that cheat weather they block that game
    or u ppl may know about that game already
    I’m helping my friends by telling about that game and they enjoying

  2. Just wanted to say, they fixed this cheat cause some retard decided to put it on the forums. They didn’t know about it, and now they fixed it. so upsetting

  3. Finally after listing all the possible things~ got in… only took a few minutes though… >_< My first time using a cheat with the games :| even though I've been playing for a few years :| Thanks for this~! xD

  4. U SAVED ME FROM NOT LEVELING UP FOR 324354654 YEARS AFTER THE DEATH OF KABAN .. I mean after they fixed it o_o Anyway Thank you broh ! :D

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