August 2013 Monthly Items

Hello everyone!, Here’s August Monthly items. The Alien set >:O.. But the set’s name isn’t released yet so take a look ^^




Female’s Jacket:

Female’s bodysuit:


Male’s Jacket:

Male’s bodysuit:


So what do you think? Would you be buying any? :D

Credit goes to Local ourWorld News, but the Bracelets and Sets are founded by qatest links.

10 thoughts on “August 2013 Monthly Items

  1. i’m totally buying the bracelet but when do they come out, cause I don’t want to be saving gems for months.

    • yup but in those pictures, it looks stolen from another website. but for the bracelets it most definitely looks like secret’s bad editing skills. you can see the bracelets are far from each other and the clothes are so close to each other, where secret puts it far out of each other. for some authors they don’t put it so far.

      • Haha “Bad” editing skills. Oh yes, I have the most epic bad editing skills ever, no one can beat me ;D Ok back to topic… I do that on purpose and see who would be smart enough to move to Red and Purple bracelet in normal place. Bleh. Not sure if that made sense or what, but here’s an example: Like if someone stole the pictures, I can easily tell because where it is placed. Eh, I give up explaining. School not teaching me enough. (‘:

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