Gem Codes: July 1st – 8th + Magic Box Information

Yes, I will be putting Gem codes and Magic box into one post since I’m too lazy to do them separate. So anyways.

Facebook Gem Code:

July Monthly Code:
N/A (Monthly codes usually comes out on the 2nd or 3rd week of the month. So be patient! ^_^)

Toolbar Code:
N/A (If you know this week’s Toolbar Code, please comment below and we will credit your user name~

Now, for the Magic Box Information. I’m too lazy to write what ourWorld said, so here’s the image. Click it to see full size.


22 thoughts on “Gem Codes: July 1st – 8th + Magic Box Information

    • If you have the toolbar installed, right click on your toolbar and click Refresh. If it comes up the same code, then I’m not sure. ourWorld has been really lazy with Codes.

      • ok but how can i install the toolbar?? can i do it myself?? it doesnt matter if the codes are late :)

      • yeah secret but the codes are available untill july 8, and after the second wee they will epire O.o

      • What do you mean? Once the monthly code is out, it expires at the end of the month. I or someone else post the new codes every week, and every week will have the same code (Monthly) until the next month comes, the first week will have “N/A”, the 2nd or 3rd week will then have a monthly code without N/A. Not sure if that makes sense. I’m completely bad at explaining.

        @Act, you would be better at explaining this.

      • @Secret you should be paying me to log in and reply in few minutes later >_> LOL

        okay so basically she is talking about this;
        Secret posts 1st July – 8th July gem code(s) and monthly code is N/A (not available)
        Author posts 8th July – 15th July and monthly will be available + a new facebook code as well)
        the monthly code lasts for one month. that’s why its called “monthly” it never expires till its a new month. every first week of the month will be N/A
        so you are not missing anything really.

  1. 6F10-5543-591B-F49B

    thats what my bar said it was but it keeps saying it is expired when i try and use it

    • English please. Because I can’t understand what you are trying to say. A code is already there. as stated in the post, be patient.
      “I want a code”
      “I want more codes”
      that is in English terms of what I could understand from what you were trying to say.

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