Complete Challenges Faster Cheat (Redone)

Yes, yes. I know this was posted before. But I will try to give it more simple terms of how to do it. REMEMBER: It does not work on some challenges.

Step 1: Pick a game challenge I pick Sunny Boom.


Step 2:  As you can see, you need to get to level 16 in Sunny Boom. Go to a game that you have completed before (ex: Level 28 or higher. 50000 score or higher from a game) For me, I will pick Death House.


Step 3: Pick the last level you completed, mine would be 27.

Step 4: Go back to Beat Street or any place that you’re doing a challenge. (No, you don’t need to pick a game, it will just confuses ourWorld that you completed some other game not the challenge one. If that makes sense…)

Step 5: Go to Sunny Boom (Or any game that you picked)


Step 6: Now let’s watch the magic happen. (Look at the red circle)

ga ga2

Walla, it thinks that you have completed it. HAHAHAHA. >:)

Doing another quest? REPEAT THE STEPS AGAIN! Didn’t understand it? Read the sentence again but the ones that are highlighted GREEN. c;

Click here for the old post.

18 thoughts on “Complete Challenges Faster Cheat (Redone)

  1. It also works with “Reach n points” challenges. Just pick a game where you can easily earn the same (or even bigger) amount of points.

  2. I recently found a way similar to this.
    It allows to complete challenges faster.
    What I do:
    1. go and play a game that is short and easy (I usually choose from the likes of “Meet my valentine” and so)
    2. you must have chosen a challenge before
    3. after you finish the game, you just open the game needed for the challenge

    That’s it. It works for me every time. You can repeat it as many times as you want. But you need to repeat the process

    Well I hope this helps :)

  3. Doesn’t work with me. Tried it on following challenge: Cammie -> Reach level 24 (Of Blindy). Tried it a couple of times… I also tried to find walktoughs for it, but didn’t find any for level 20 and higher. Can someone help?

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