Monthly Items: June 2013 Helios Herald

Hello! Guess what? oh wait you already know… No? k. June Monthly items! Yup you already know. Here’s the gang wearing the June monthly items even though we missed out Pink Gift, Careful, Poof, Crazy Duck and RinAndLen02. But oh well. these what it looks like on a character:


And the set with the items (Don’t worry, they come in Blue, Black, Yellow, Green and White of course) Yes, it does show the price of the items. 20,000 = 20 gems.

set2So… What do you think of these items? I love the hair!

Note: They’re not out on ourWorld yet. They will be on June.

8 thoughts on “Monthly Items: June 2013 Helios Herald

    • They’re not out yet. We just post items/updates that ourWorld is going to add in their next update which is next Monday. (Not for the June monthly items though, probably 3 more days after the update)

      But we got them on Playtest server. Which is like ourWorld. The ourWorld you’re on is Live server.
      I hope this is more understandable. (:

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