Haunted House (Short Story)

This story is about a haunted house.



By Poof

To have your stories posted on here this is how:

  • Have capital letters in every sentence you make.
  • Take a picture by your ourWorld Carma. (If you do not have room in your album, have a noob to take pictures and tell me your noob’s user name.)
  • Your story must be about ourWorld.
  • Or post your story here.

10 thoughts on “Haunted House (Short Story)

    • The blonde hair (Poof) is her condo. She just dressed up her self with low leveled clothes. I think I do see your point with “invisible” because I just recently saw someone in front of the spider with ghost potion. Which is highly would be Poof since this story is created by her and she had to print screen the pictures to post this.

  1. Wow so funny!! :D

    Secret~ Hey I love your condo and your website!! I think you’re super cool! :D Thanks for making this website blog and the events! :D

    ~ chrissa09 (Real ourWorld name)

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