9 thoughts on “How To Not Get Hacked Or Scammed

    • If it’s a contest about winning something that you DO NOT “enter info, gifting, giving items” then it’s fine

      In my words: As long the person hosting the contest isn’t asking for personal info, asking the people who enter to gift the host or giving the items to the host. Then of course it is real. Why would it be a contest if the host is asking for the items instead of giving. Pretty much the same thing with candy contest, offering highest on the candy. Again, why would the participants need to offer (basically give) the highest? That is the main point being thrown out, but since this is an old post, it is obviously not clear enough, the wording hasn’t been changed since 2013, only new information was written.

  1. i only have one question once u get to level 15 everything cost with gems and i selled most of my clothes to get coins :(

  2. I got scammed. :c It was so sad. I should have known. She blocked me then said, U didnt notice but u just got scammed.


    I am SOOOO mad now. SO mad. Gladly, I get gems fast. And also gladly, I picked the lowest price one.

    look On the bright side, I tell myself. Im “calmer” now.

  3. Now that’t’s some good advice. Hopefully I won’t get scammed. Is it okay if you have a sibling and you let him/her on your our world account but tell them to NOT SELL/TRADE/BUY anything?

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