7 thoughts on “How To Not Get Hacked Or Scammed

  1. i only have one question once u get to level 15 everything cost with gems and i selled most of my clothes to get coins :(

  2. I got scammed. :c It was so sad. I should have known. She blocked me then said, U didnt notice but u just got scammed.


    I am SOOOO mad now. SO mad. Gladly, I get gems fast. And also gladly, I picked the lowest price one.

    look On the bright side, I tell myself. Im “calmer” now.

  3. Now that’t’s some good advice. Hopefully I won’t get scammed. Is it okay if you have a sibling and you let him/her on your our world account but tell them to NOT SELL/TRADE/BUY anything?

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