Complete Challenges Cheat

Some people can’t complete hard challenges.

But I got a cheat for you of how to complete hard or easy challenges.

Step 1: look at the level or score you need to get to

Step 2: play some easy game and reach the level, score or what you have completed.

Step 3: Click on the highest level (I have chosen 30) and play it for few seconds. (If that doesn’t work then play that level till it completed)

Step 4: go back to beat street (or any place to do a challenge) then click on the challenge.

Step 5: Go to the game then it will say you completed your challenge while it was still loading!

Then collect your reward!

(To do another challenge, you will have to repeat this again)

20 thoughts on “Complete Challenges Cheat

  1. hi guys :) im jane alissa in ourworld well got many badges .-. because i always use this cheat i was wondering why it wont work anymore v.v i was like “OMG, Abegail Myl(friend “soulZZ”) the quest cheat doesn’t even work!” she says “maybe ourworld patch it or fix that cheat or i don’t know…” i was like “nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” it truly sucks to me :P . i cant do my quests anymore, all of them are EXPERTS.. Dx its like my quests are for 100 level +

  2. Hello Secret,
    This cheat is awesome!! but can u tell if there is any way to complete the “Super Splitter” challenge in beat street?? In this game we have to gain 144 stars but not complete levels so can you please help me??? Thank you :)

    • Ok so i was cheating but I would really like to help you. Honestly all I did was look walkthroughs up ok YouTube…..sorry if you think it’s cheating.

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