Vagas Is Open!

Yup, Vagas is open. Sorry I am late to post this, been very busy. So anyways here is stuff about it!

Shop for clothes, even tho their expensive but it’s worth it!

Go to Shipwreck lounge and have fun. Even me and Red Sun are, rofl. ^_^

After 4 hours later this is what it looks like empty with my noob “Act”:

That ends our fun tour of Vagas. What’s your favorite place?

Also thanks Red Sun for being in these pictures. ^_^

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About Secret

Hello, I been playing ourWorld since December 28 2010, but I found it very boring back then but time went past and got friends. Friends are the reason that makes you play. If you have none, what can you do? I rather be treated as a normal player, normal person. Not famous. To me, the word famous seems nothing. Call me famous when I achieve my goal, not a game. Which would be like 10 years or more. You can stay herahπŸ‘ˆ, but I'm going herah.πŸ‘‰ mΔ±ΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜ¨ade

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