Being Blocked

So, most people do not understand the purpose of being blocked by someone. They lose full contact with that person. The following of this post will tell you so far of what can happen if you block someone, or is being blocked by someone.

1) You will not be able to go the person’s condo
2) You would not be able to comment/message/or contact the person
3) They would not be allowed to see your public messages if you’re with them.
4) You wouldn’t be able to send them a friend request.
5) And last, nobody know for sure if ourWorld has changed this recently, but before, if you were blocked by someone, you wouldn’t be able to send them a trade offer.

Though you totally lost contact with them, some people are smart to realize that the usage of ‘noob accounts’ can do very well. Some people have gone to their noob accounts and continue to send them messages that are not useful to the user.

To stop that, I suggest you make your connection with others, ‘friends only.’ To make that happen, go to your Account Settings, and click the button that says:
_______ can send Open Messages to me. Click on that, and choose ‘friends,’ and than there you go! Only friends are able to talk to you and you’d keep away from non-helpful messages.

To beginners who are playing this, you block someone by clicking on their profile, going to the bottom left corner, and clicking a button that looks like this:

Hope this helped (:

7 thoughts on “Being Blocked

  1. I was trying to go to an event but the chick hosting it blocked me… thing is I’ve never spoken to this chick, ever. I don’t even know her. I also never be rude to people, I hardly talk as I’m only on oW for friends and trading items and such. Whats up with that? :$

  2. This actually helped me as well. Because I never knew you could change the settings for chat. Well I did but I thought it was only for whispers. Thanks anyways ^^

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