Vegas Island + Lucky 7

When it’s April or March ourWorld will unleash Vegas islands and clothes!

Looking forward to these clothes?

Note: You might need to be 13 to enter and 18 to play games and get coins.

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About Secret

Hello, I been playing ourWorld since December 28 2010, but I found it very boring back then but time went past and got friends. Friends are the reason that makes you play. If you have none, what can you do? I rather be treated as a normal player, normal person. Not famous. To me, the word famous seems nothing. Call me famous when I achieve my goal, not a game. Which would be like 10 years or more. You can stay herah馃憟, but I'm going herah.馃憠 m谋谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈台ade

4 thoughts on “Vegas Island + Lucky 7

  1. I heard on the 19th they’ll open it! WOOT WOOT!! You don’t need to be 18 to enter… just have to be 18 to convert your winnings into coins :D So enjoy kiddies’! omg… VERY expensive items in the “Ritz Shop” — 10,000,000 coins up to 50,000,000!! Yikes, start savin now :D

  2. Yes! I think dat the clothes r cool! I can’t wait till Vegas Island comes! I wish dat they would unleash Vegas Island tomorrow! Or better yet today!

  3. The clothes seem a little funky, lol. I’m not sure most of them are going to interest me. But I’m already positive that this ‘Vegas Island’ is already my favorite island on ourWorld, xD.

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