Afk Word Block

When I put aafk by mistake this what it showed up:When you put anything like… Um… Explain: secretafk filters to:

A bit weird but we could have fun with words you know? by putting your oW name or any random name with afk at the end and see what words we get :D


Also for few people that don’t know what’s afk means. It means Away From Keyboard :)

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About Secret

Hello, I been playing ourWorld since December 28 2010, but I found it very boring back then but time went past and got friends. Friends are the reason that makes you play. If you have none, what can you do? You can stay herahπŸ‘ˆ, but I'm going herah.πŸ‘‰ mΔ±ΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜΈΜ¨ade

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