Words What ourWorld Blocks

Well, there are some words
what ourWorld blocks by changing the text you were writing. Even you’re over 13. It’s confusing why some of these words even block o.o

So, here comes the list so far:

Two times (blocks to twosomes)

Three cookies (blocks to three cojoins)

300000 cookies (blocks to 3cojoincookies) :D

Phone (just put word back or front of it and it anways changes to something like “phooey”)

Your pet dino (blocks to youthening (that’s just weird o.o))

But then nothing happen. So I ran off (blocks to buttiesnothing happen.)

Traped (blocks to traps (I don’t know why it blocks to that))

Rainbowafk (blocks to rainbowlike)

Phooeyphone (blocks to phoenixlike)

Phonephooey (blocks to photocopies)

Crack (blocks to crabs)

k k k k (blocks to lolk)

Well then your a computer person which makes you smart. (Blocks to Well then your a computerlesswhich makes you smart (Any sentence with computer person it blocks o.o))

That all I could find sorry. If you know others that block leave a comment below :D

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