Dance Planet Moves

Everyone may be wondering what levels you get from dance planet well here they are:

High Five level 1
Hop level 1
Arm Lift level 1
Left Hand Shimmy level 1
Mover level 1
Shaker level 2
Power March level 2
Chopper level 2
Grand Goodbye level 2
Waddle level 2
Running Man level 3
Genie level level 3
Hot Feet level 3
Swinging Arms level 3
Small Hop level 3
Wallet level 4
Wave level 4
Chunga level 4
You Didn’t level 4
Kick Start level 4
Double Spin level 5
Slap Happy level 5
Kremlin level 5
Ta Da level 5
Chop level 5
Arm Drop level 6
Crane level 6
Change It Up level 6
Strafe level 6
One…Two…Three level 6
Grinder level 7
Stretch level 7
X Factor level 7
Step Out level 7
Side To Side level 7

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Hello, I been playing ourWorld since December 28 2010. In 2011 I was inspired to create my own blog that was originally called "goldourworldcheats" which I closed that site down and made SecretOurworldCheats in 2012. My previous old usernames were: princessslash, gold star x3, Gold Star Girl, White Light and Secret as of today. mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade

27 thoughts on “Dance Planet Moves

  1. I didnt get my 2 moves when it said i earned them… i even refreshed. I still dont have them. Is there a limit because before i already earned two moves.

  2. Thanks for the moves. But every time I try my computer makes me skip some so I can never get the move :,(. Help please?

  3. there is this move that i really want but i do not know what it is called. it when u jump and you push ur chest up

  4. Hi, my ourWorld name is Its Maria and theres a dance move my friend has that i really want. i dont know exaclty the name of it but she uses it to ‘touch my face’ ahah :P another example: 2 people use it to touch hands? o_o lol

  5. I can’t get Genie although, i try very hard in Dance Planet.
    A good song to get Genie is “Neon Light”. Choose it.

  6. I have tried to get genie as well but I keep on getting the same dance move every time I finnish Auto! Any ideas? :(

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