Chat Help

Don’t know much about the chat? Then here are some answers!

How do I know which one is me?

You’re always on top and have a green man right next to your name!


How can I change my name?

Easy! just click on your name. on the right side then it should come like this:

How can I change my picture?
Click on your name and get a picture link or upload your own on Tinypic.Then click “OK” once you put the link in here:

What does the colors mean?Colors

What these feature does:
Owner: Able to do whatever their like and make people Mod and Member (and also ban forever)
Mod: Able to make guest to Members. They’ve a restricted banning to 6 hours.
Member: Able to show Links publicly
Guest: Able to just talk. When link is shared, no one will be able to see it besides the sender.
Banned: Won’t be able to talk in chat, but be able to see what other people are talking about.

How can I avoid getting banned?

Pretty simple.
Things NOT TO DO:

  1. Inappropriate words (Besides for: Crap, Screw, Hell)
  2. Scamming (This goes for ourWorld and Xat)
  3. Spamming (For example: dfudfdjus over and over)
  4. Impersonating someone else
  5. Annoying other members
  6. Being offensive
  7. Advertising ourWorld unrelated
  8. Asking to be a Mod or Admin over and over.

How can I Private Chat someone?
Click on their name on the right side (If they’re online, if they aren’t online, you won’t be able to private chat)

How can I sign-up and have a star?

Click here for link then change the ID to whatever number you want.

Your answer isn’t here? Leave a comment and we will reply to you and add it to this post for everyone else!

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About Secret

Hello, I been playing ourWorld since December 28 2010, but I found it very boring back then but time went past and got friends. Friends are the reason that makes you play. If you have none, what can you do? I rather be treated as a normal player, normal person. Not famous. To me, the word famous seems nothing. Call me famous when I achieve my goal, not a game. Which would be like 10 years or more. You can stay herah👈, but I'm going herah.👉 mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade

8 thoughts on “Chat Help

  1. Hello, can someone help me please?? I am new in ourworld, and Im trying to do Caden`s challenge “intro arcade 1” but I cant find the games “chiken invader” and “brick of atlantis” Where are this games please?? I cant find them on arcade list!!

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  3. The gems code for august 2 is isnt working i have not play ourworld for 1 week and its isnt working when i play it for th first time in one week :(

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