Gem Codes: 21st July – 28th July

I’m sorry if I missed anyone that shared with us about the Toolbar code. I stalk look through comments, chat and comments and only found 2 people that recently shared.

7AD9-13CB-0298-45F4 (Still the same if you have not used JULY code yet.)

C075-CD30-175E-24DD (Thank you lisaaaaaaa & Anna1399)

(Thank you Pizza Hunt. Quite fast too.)

Now let’s listen to something random. (Warning, includes happiness and kitties.)

Gem Codes: July 7th – July 14th

If you know the Toolbar code, we will credit you! Only if it’s a valid code. (:

7AD9-13CB-0298-45F4 (WOO!)



Thank you RuiRui for Facebook!

Thank you AcyOW and DragonFlame for Toolbar

Thank you PompeiiMarie JanaRavenYuri143owGods EmptyHoly Krap 8D, – Khate YumixNotPerfectCaIIen for Monthly!

ourWorld Toolbar

You all may know this or you all may be wondering, why your toolbar isn’t working (For the ones that are working, you might not have this problem or your computer is doomed already.)

Anyways, decided to download the toolbar and saw where it was downloading from “” Searched it, it’s a malware and virus. malwareAnd when installing it, it is also installing something else that you don’t know about.



And a site here that suggests to uninstall proxyinstaller (It is always running in the background in processes) There’s different types of ProxyInstallers as shown in the link and above picture.

Another site here of how to uninstall ourWorld Toolbar.

Virus and Malware are almost the exact same thing. You will realize: That your computer CPU is always high even though it’s barely running anything, computer starting up slowly or shutting down slowly. If you don’t realize any of those, malware is probably damaging your system slowly.

So, it’s your choice if you want your computer blown up for the sake of the gems or give up gems and try Facebook(Facebook isn’t working with me anymore gfjdgrirgtrgdfg) or earn gems from videos and offers.

Be a good thing to check your processes by doing Alt Gr + Ctrl + Delete > Task Manager > Processes > Click on anything is running and type p and it should highlight something starting with p or just search manually.

Gem Codes: 23rd – 30th June

More gem codes for this week! Thanks: Squishy Kawaii, Aschente, AkIFabia, MyLoverIsEric
for Toolbar and Facebook.

46B3-027C-F06C-F35D (For June, just in case you have not used this yet. Only be used once)


CB55-6E20-43DA-3E6B (Thank you FayethFaith and Jo for the correction)

Believe this meme was created by EpicHamster from my forums that joined in the contest I created 2 years ago. Pretty sure mostly everyone created this as well~

Gem Codes: 16th – 23th June

Just ONE code for now and that is Monthly! Thanks Hey Cruel World & HapPy Gogo. Don’t worry, will update tomorrow or next day when there is Facebook and Toolbar :P




Thanks: Confusion, Cryptique, I Claudia I, EH, Ow CatchNoFeelings, l ForeverAlone l, Tindero Ng Balot! for Toolbar and Facebook code!

Gem Codes: 9th – 16th June



N/A v_v

Monthly not here yet?! Guess we have to wait a little more. I’m sure ourWorld has a reason for it.

Looks like we have to call them…. (HERE GEMMY GEMMY!)

Thanks ourworldmrsdummmy & Tindero Ng Balot for the Toolbar and Facebook.

Gem Codes: 26th May – 2nd June

ourWorld seem to post their Facebook code kind of late. 3AM in the morning for Australia and on a Wednesday! Done ranting. Pretty sure you guys would rant about it too? No?. k. Anyways here’s the codes. Not sure about Toolbar…


6160-C924-2373-2B5F (MAY’S, just incase you have not used it yet. June Monthly may be out in first week or second week.


Thanks everyone who replied! (These names aren’t in order, since there was about 30+ comments to approve. Wow, more than ever!)

Maria, MirandaxD, Dane Dehaan, Rox, zEr0mEtAl, Ghulam.murtaza, Tindero ng balot, HashLuvCupcakes, The Six, owGods Empty, nino137, Dubai Mall, superboy906, Rockeeter, Ataulla asdf, 190, ione, xlX Ann Xlx, l ForeverAlone l Beautiful Pain

Don’t mind the colors, this helps us to see who’s names instead of all white. (: